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The time has come, long anticipated, for us to bring Lisdoonan Herbs, to a close. Our list of herb varieties was surely one of the most comprehensive ever compiled, so it is a sad moment to remove it. But time moves on and we must move with it to new ideas and new developments.

While we begin the lengthy process to downsize our house and garden, I shall be writing a blog. This will record horticultural happenings, as I shall still be actively involved in garden matters. This will include fielding gardening queries on BBC Radio 'Gardeners' Corner', some talks and other appearances, my regular column on wildlife gardening in the 'Irish Hare' for the Ulster Wildlife Trust, and, I hope, plenty of time for hands-on gardening. All things I love to do, and I hope some or all of them might encourage some discussion. There are so many ways of communicating these days, and for the moment the new blog is my chosen online medium.

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transition time January 2013

After a run of unseasonally clement January weather, it looks as if winter is about to set in. Last week J and I fetched my order of fruit trees from the wonderful Slemish Market Garden. It was good to get a small window to have them eased out of unfrozen ground with Matthew's help, and to the accompaniment of a string of stories from the inimitable Frank, and to heel them in to my new patch until I am ready to plant. Mercifully the new site is a degree or so milder than Lisdoonan, so our struggle against the elements should be easier, though it could be windier, so we'll need to buy or make plenty of stakes and other supports.

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